About Us

The Association of Ndi Igbo in Tallahassee (ANIT) is an association which brings together persons and groups of persons who are Igbo by birth, marriage, naturalization or adoption, within the City of Tallahassee geographical area and connecting them with residents of the community. Membership is open to all persons of Igbo descent and their families. In order to vote on Association deliberations, a member must be in good financial standing.
The purpose and objectives of the Association are:
- To promote togetherness and cultural awareness amongst Ndi Igbo in Tallahassee and other residents living within the Tallahassee BigBend community while promoting civic responsibility amonst members of our community.
- To participate in outreach events that impact positively the lives of women, children and elders within the community. These events are held annually and grow larger each year with members of the association donating their time to clean facilities, educate children at schools and shelters and donate new clothings, meals and more to the needy.
- To foster good relationships between us and other Igbo communities in Florida and elsewhere.
- To promote political awareness and civic responsibility amongst members of our community.